What to use to get back to sleep for middle of night waking and staying up.

"I wake up after 3 or 4 hours and sometimes can get back to sleep with 5HTP or valerian, but lately I am operating on just those few hours and am exhausted. I read edible indica is recommended. Can you name some products I could try?"

It is true that an indica is a good choice for sleeping, whereas a sativa will make you more energetic. Hybrids, the combo of the two, might have that energetic effect as well.
As everyone is very different in their reaction to cannabis, you most often will need to experiment with what works for you. For instance, if you are sensitive to THC it may actually be very easy to take too much and even with an indica it could keep you awake.

My advice to you is to go low and slow and experiment with some different products. One approach you might take is to use cannabis before you go to bed and see if it extends your sleep. If you choose this route, many people like to use edibles. Auntie Dolores has many different THC infused products. Do yourself a favor though and do not take more than 5mg your first night and see how you react, if all is good but the effect was not enough you may want to increase to 10mg the next night. An edible will take a minimum of 1 hour before you feel the effects. One edible I adore is Flora’s pro biotic mint chocolate bite which is a 5mg dose. You can find this on www.Getsava.com They do statewide delivery and the people there will always give good advice.

The other route to go is with a tincture or sublingual spray. I find that Alta Botanical California’s spasm tincture works well for me. I also like Absolute Extracts sub lingual spray Sleepytime. For me one spray of this under the tongue is enough. I will spray one squirt in my mouth in the middle of the night if i can not sleep and it works well, but I do feel a little lethargic in the am, but that is me. Tinctures and sub linguals work quickly and the effect can be felt in as little as 15 minutes. Again, go with a lower dose than suggested and see how it works for you.

You could vape before bedtime and this could work for you. There are indica dominant oil cartridges out there that are good for sleeping. I don’t like theidea of vaping near bedtime so this is never my preference. Be cautious regarding your sensitivity to THC as it could keep you up. Start with one puff and go up from there.

What I would not recommend are the gummies they hand out at the dispensaries with purchase. They always seems to steer people towards these and i have yet to meet someone it works well for for insomnia.

Hope this helps!


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