What would be a good product for daytime anxiety relief?

"I like to smoke at night to help my anxiety, but cannot throughout the day. What would be a good alternative to doing so?"

You can use vape cartridges which are often a lot more discreet than smoking, however that is still noticeable as you are still exhaling a vapor. I would try either a CBD edible, tincture, or spray.

Oral sprays are actually really really convenient. You just spray a mist into your mouth a few times and then you are all set in a bit. I also believe they are absorbed into the body through the capillaries in your mouth and, as a result, make it into your body a little faster than just ingesting the CBDs.

I would check out this product from Kushfly: https://kushfly.com/goldcart-cbd-spray
Goldcart has a really consistent delivery system and the vial is small enough to bring with you anywhere.


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