Which strength of topical should I buy?

"I have muscular pain due to spinal scoliosis and osteoarthritis. I do not want psychoactive issues."

Then u want cbd’s. U can get them in capsules, creams, edibles, to name a few. I use different ones for different purposes. During the day i use capsules.
For immediate relief i use my pen. My fav is "always organic" with that i only need a few puffs and u feel the pain going away while u puff. Some brands may take more puffs. The creams u rub where it hurts. Helps some better than others. Edibles, u can get some that r pure cbd. Mostly i get 1:1 thc:cbd. I never smoked it b4 so it only takes me 5-10 grams to feel high, i close my eyes and go to sleep. I sleep much better now. I have less pain if i remember to take my capsules b4 i start to hurt. Start small and work ur way up to see how much it takes to help u feel ur best


Our topical does not enter the blood stream, thus there are no psychoactive effects. That is the beauty of it. You offer your body pain relief by feeding the CB receptors in your skin with cannabinoids.


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