Why did the DEA decide not to move marijuana from Schedule 1?

In my opinion, and mine alone, I believe the Feds are waiting for big Pharma to take over the cannabis industry before they will make a schedule change. I heard a big Pharma research doctor lecture to other doctors about the evils of the cannabis as we know it and she told the doctors that the cannabis this out today is an evil weed and only hard-core drug addicts want it but that when big Pharma takes over we will be able to trust the new cannabis that’s coming. We must learn to follow the money. If big Pharma is not making money off individuals growing cannabis and legal dispensaries selling cannabis, eventually it very likely will be taken over by big Pharma. In case you haven’t noticed, the citizens overwhelmingly want cannabis available so in order to keep control in place until big Pharma is ready to take over they must continue to keep it illegal.
All citizens must wake up and recognize it’s up to each and everyone of us to insist on using the medication of our choice for our own personal well-being and that we don’t live and work just to make profit for the insurance industry and big Pharma. Contact your senators and representatives immediately to protest their control over our personal rights.


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