Why is the color and the consistency of some cannabis oils so different from others?

Short answer: Different extraction methods produce different results.

The goal of the extraction process is to separate the active, desirable compounds (cannabinoids and terpenes, in this case) from inactive, undesirable ones (the rest of the plant material). It is a considerable challenge to remove 100% of the inactive material. Depending on the solvent used (think CO2 vs. butane vs. ethanol), as well as varying ‘trade secrets’ of people performing the extraction, the end result will have differing levels of leftover plant matter and solvent in the oil – this is why some oils appear darker or lighter, and more or less viscous.

We heavily favor CO2 extracted concentrates as we believe it produces the cleanest overall experience.


The color and consistency of cannabis oil is based on the type of flower used and the method used to create the oil. Color and consistency have no bearing on the quality of the oil, but you could find yourself preferring one superficial difference to another depending on what works best for you.


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