Will these help with anxiety?

"I suffer from anxiety (plus other conditions!) & could use something to calm it. I have been on prescription meds for too many years & am looking for alternatives to opioids. I can’t get my mind to stop dwelling on something & need to stop beating myself up (mentally!) for something that is insignificant to others. "

It’ll totally help, however, be mindful of the type of strain. I would suggest an indica (aka couch lock) you’ll totally chill. If you are an inexperienced smoker a may compound your anxiety since you’re not used to it.


Hello! Although cannabis acts as an anxiolytic (anxiety inhibitor) in low doses, high doses can be anxiogenic (anxiety inducing) and can elicit panic reactions. However, the key here is the balance between THC and CBD. Research studies found that CBD oil had anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects. CBD also helps counteract the negative effects THC may have such as inducing anxiety. If you are looking to address your anxiety and your pain at the same time with medical marijuana, I would recommend starting with CBD Dominant medication, and if you choose to titrate the THC to higher concentrations, stay below the 1:1 ratio.


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