How Does CBD Oil Work For Anxiety?

Here’s what you need to know about how CBD oil works to relieve anxiety and related symptoms, and how to take it for the best results.


What are the uses of CBD oil?

I’ve heard about CBD oil as the new ‘wonder medicine.’ So what can it be used for?


Is CBD Oil Good For Pain?

I’m interested in alternative therapies to treat my pain, but I don’t like getting high. I’ve heard about CBD oil and want to hear more.


How to Consume Your Weed: Dabbing vs. Vaping

There are many different ways to consume cannabis from edibles to lotions, gel caps to drinks, from tinctures to mints. But, many people prefer the …


The Cannabis Vaping Crisis: Need to Know Facts

If you vape cannabis, you’ve probably heard of the US vaping crisis that has left thousands of people with acute respiratory distress syndrome and killed …


Are there any vape cartridges that are not contaminated with lead. Most cartridges are made in China and contain lead which leaches into the vape oil.

"I asked ABX (absoluteXtracts) about this, but they have not given me a clear answer. I assume any cartridges made in China contain lead and …


Hi for hair growth and to fight against alopecia ,can i cook or boil the weed, abstrain its oil n mix it with any hair cream. Its the possible for hair growth thanks

"Becoz ur product cannot be shipped to other countries " Hi there! If the cooking/boiling of the cannabis or hemp is done correctly, the oil …


Is it safe to have general anesthesia for surgery if I used THC oil recently? I haven't used it for 2 weeks now, and by the time my surgery date arrives it will have been over a month since using it. Thank you.

"I began experimenting with THC to help with my chronic back pain. I started with it in September 2017 and stopped in early Feb 2018." …


CBD cannabis oil and sore throat

"I began using CBD oil about a month ago and feel great overall. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in various areas: better sleep, fewer headaches, …


Struggling with side effects

"I was instructed by my psychiatrist to start CBD oil on top of my Cymbalta because I can’t tolerate going up anymore on the dosage. …


My Aches vape pen that I ordered ran out of battery before it ran out of oil, the window shows it is still half full, what can I do?

"@Dstoever" Please contact customer service using the Live Chat, e-mail (support@hellomd.com) or by phone (866-224-3542) and we will work with you to resolve the issue …


Is it safe to take CBD oil along with Ashwagandha?

Yes. Their are no known drug-drug interactions betweem CBD and ashwagandha. drkim

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