Mental Health


How Does CBD Oil Work For Anxiety?

Here’s what you need to know about how CBD oil works to relieve anxiety and related symptoms, and how to take it for the best results.


How Does Weed Work to Get You High and Feeling Good?

We unravel the weed mystery and give you the scientific lowdown on why it causes most people to feel peaceful, happy and even sublime.

Health Benefits of Marijuana
Alzheimer's Disease

Top 10 Health Benefits of Marijuana & Weed

Cannabis has moved out of the grey area and into its rightful position as a part of a healthy approach to overall wellness. Read on for 10 health benefits of marijuana.


Using Cannabis for Wellness

Cannabis has been widely recognized for its medicinal properties, but its benefits go well beyond health and into the wellness category. Read on to learn more.


Is Cannabis Addictive?

I want to try to start cannabis use, but I’m afraid. Is cannabis addictive?


Best Medical Marijuana Strains for Anxiety?

I’m looking for some strains to try for anxiety, and the best methods of ingestion, any recommendations?


The 5 Best Medical Marijuana Products for Menopause in Illinois

Menopause is a normal part of life, but it can bring unpleasant symptoms that interfere with daily life. There are available remedies for menopausal symptoms …


Psychedelics for mental health treatment?

“I take care of a family member with a mood disorder and we’re having trouble treating it using different therapies and medications. I’ve heard that …


Cannabis and Male Sexual Performance

Most people wouldn’t assume that cannabis is the secret to helping men become Don Juan in the bedroom, but it may be time to think …


The 5 Best Medical Marijuana Products for PTSD in Ohio

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health disorder people develop after they experience or witness a traumatic event. In the United States, around 15 …


5 Medical Marijuana Products for PTSD in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania took a massive step forward in April 2018 when the first dispensaries began service for medical marijuana patients in the state. Ever since, this …


What Is San Pedro: Psychedelics 101

Psychedelics like LSD and magic mushrooms are well-known in pop culture and are now studied for their potential therapeutic properties, but what about San Pedro …

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