I have been taking Percocet 5/325 for degenerative disc disease In my neck for

"for 2 years ,4-6 a day , I would like to take CBD oil instead and wondering how to transition over to it like can I take both of them at the same time, what percentage ratio of CBD oil should I be taking those kind of things, please help"

There are no approved conversion ratios for analgesic, narcotics, opioid or opiates to medical cannabis. However, with Medical cannabis treatment, it is strongly recommended to start low and go slow with the dose. Please do not self-medicate with cannabis for any medical condition without proper consultation and prescription from an authorized health care provider. If you are new to medical cannabis, your authorized healthcare provider will recommend the appropriate dosing scale to help manage your symptoms. Also, it is important to discuss with your physician your desire to decrease or stop using any prescribed analgesic, narcotics, opioid, opiates and/or any psychoactive drugs.


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