Why are low temperatures so important for dabbing?

I dab concentrates using a torch. I’ve been told that I’m heating them up too much. Why do dabs need lower temperatures? Mark H It’s …


How to Consume Your Weed: Dabbing vs. Vaping

There are many different ways to consume cannabis from edibles to lotions, gel caps to drinks, from tinctures to mints. But, many people prefer the …


Looking for a shop in LA with extensive CBD inventory and another shop that specializes in concentrates. Does such a place exist?

All of the products in our hemp CBD store can be mail-delivered anywhere in the United States – including LA! You can view our CBD …


3 Popular Questions About Marijuana & Dabbing Answered

Dabbing can seem pretty intimidating, even if you’ve been consuming marijuana for years. For this cannabis consumption method, you use a dab rig or pen …


Cannabis Products Perfect for a Bachelor & Bachelorette Party

Obviously, bachelor and bachelorette parties are supposed to be just that: parties. Nowadays, they can range from an excursion to Vegas to a camping trip …


Dabbing Marijuana for Good Health

Guild Extracts disrupted the cannabis concentrates market in 2015 when it created the holy grail of marijuana extracts—a 100% pure concentrate of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA). …


Can Dabbing Cannabis Raise Cancer Risk?

Dabbing has been around since the 1970s, but with the growing movement to legalize cannabis, it’s taking on higher visibility. Many claim it’s a safer …


Why Do Some People Prefer Dabbing Medical Marijuana?

In the previous instalment of our series geared toward folks new to cannabis, we broke down the various types of cannabis concentrates and the many …


Cannabis & Carcinogens: What’s the Risk?

Can using cannabis raise your risk of cancer? Many anti-drug campaigns and mainstream medical experts say that it can, adding that warning to the long …


Understanding Cannabis Concentrates & How to Use Them

In the last few installments of our series for folks new to cannabis, we went over the many ways you can consume cannabis—from vaping and …


How can THC tolerance be reduced?

"My friend is a longtime user cannabis user for anxiety. He consumes large quantities of cannabis, mostly through dabs, because he has developed such a …


Are Puffco vape pens pre-loaded?

"Or, can I use my own concentrates?"

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