A Look Inside the Cannabis Industry

This week HelloMD took part in one of the most talked about cannabis events, the New West Summit. This is only the second year of the New West Summit and this year was twice as big and twice as exciting, even including Sir Richard Branson as a keynote speaker.

New West Summit bills itself as the place where business meets technology meets media. Some of the companies and brands that participated were Bloom Farms, Steep Hill, Strainz, Vape Exhale, Firefly, Care by Design, Pax and many, many more. HelloMD took advantage of so many big cannabis hitters in one room by setting up a mini recording studio in our booth. During the entire event we met the people behind some of the biggest brands as well as those who are doing ground breaking work within the industry.

HelloMD was fortunate to be included on several panel discussions during the event. Dr. Solomon, our Chief Medical Officer, on the panel ‘Serious Medicine, Serious Research, Serious Business’, was in good company alongside Dr. Sue Sisley, a renowned researcher who has fought to run formalized trials on the effect cannabis has on PTSD. Dr. Solomon also spoke on the panel ‘Cannabis & Athletics’ with former NFL star Kyle Turley.

Our entire team worked tirelessly during the conference to grab the who’s who of the cannabis industry to hear their thoughts on a variety of topics from the growth of a brand, to media that matters, to thoughts on Prop 64, to how cannabis fits into the spectrum of overall health and wellness. Below are a few photos from our booth where the filming magic happened.

Filming Charlie of Boveda talking about how cannabis helped him with phantom leg syndrome after a serious motorcycle accident.

Dr. Solomon talking to Mara Gordon of Aunt Zelda’s.

Talking to Jen of Green Heart Foundation which educates seniors on how to medicate safely.

Towards the end of the event, I was able to grab Jim McAlpine, the founder of New West for a fireside chat. During our film session he said, “One of the biggest trends that I see emerging in the industry is that businesses are developing polished brands, in a sense they are growing up.” This statement rings true to me, if only from my personal experience at HelloMD, it feels like we have grown up over the past year! So much of this is due to the community of patients that support us.

We will be spending the next few weeks to edit our material and will be sure to share as soon as possible!


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