3 Ways Cannabis May Help You to Have Better Sex

Couple facing one another in bed, to illustrate how cannabis can help with better sex

Mediocre sex can be frustrating. Mediocre sex when you know what the problem is but can’t figure out a solution? Completely maddening. We’re breaking down three common sexual health issues and how cannabis may be able to help you have better sex.

If you have ever Googled anything about having better sex, the algorithm now has you in its clutches: You probably get served up tips and products for how to have better sex on the regular. It can be overwhelming to know where to start and what can really improve the horizontal mambo for you in particular.

But here’s the thing: Sometimes general info isn’t enough to make a difference. So with that in mind, we thought we’d give you a snapshot of some common sexual health issues and how cannabis may be able to help improve your time between the sheets.

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When Your Sex Drive Isn’t Your Friend

A lacklustre libido doesn’t concern everyone, but if you’d rather be having more sex, you don’t have to accept it. If your brain craves the connection but you can’t seem to get your body on board, that can be a frustrating experience.

How cannabis can help:

Believe it or not, regular cannabis users have 20 percent more sex than non-cannabis users. Cannabis can help to improve blood flow to erogenous zones, and it can help to address any stress and anxiety that might be wreaking havoc. There are specific products formulated for arousal, too, like topical oils, aphrodisiac teas and more.

When You Just Can’t Relax

Sex itself can help you to relax (there’s nothing better than the post-good sex mellowing out) but you have to actually get there first. If you come home from the day completely wound up, getting in the mood can be a challenge.

How cannabis can help:

THC has euphoric properties. Plain and simple. Smoking or vaping cannabis will help you to relax quickly, but if you want a longer lead time before getting down to it, try a THC-dominant edible to give yourself the unwind time you need.

When Sex Gives You Anxiety

If just the thought of sex makes you jittery, you might find it difficult to be in the moment. There are so many reasons this might be the case: New partner, body image concerns, inexperience…the list goes on. But nerves are inevitably going to make you tense up, which can lead to discomfort both physically and emotionally.

How cannabis can help:

Try a product that’s weighted more heavily toward CBD, to get the benefit of the cannabinoid’s calming influence.

Need Help? Reach Out

If you have specific cannabis and sex concerns, we can help. We can assist you with getting or renewing your medical document, or you can chat with one of our cannabis counsellors anytime, free of charge, to learn more.


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