Clean Eating and Cannabis for Optimal Health & Wellness

Jamel Ramiro is a co-founder of MoonMan’s Mistress. MoonMan’s Mistress is an award-winning, artisanal paleo-centric edible company committed to taste worthy products healthy for the body. This week Jamel is our featured guest blogger and he talks about the overall health benefits of clean eating and the use of cannabis.

Health & Happiness Starts with Food

Today, we live in a complex world filled with technology based on simplifying and life hacking our everyday. Because we hustle hard to stay afloat, often times these shortcuts do a disservice to our health and well-being. We become drowned in a world of convenience, causing us to make poor choices that gravitate towards instant gratification. This is especially true when it comes to the food we choose to eat.

MoonMan’s Mistress strongly believes that overall health and happiness begins with food. Liz Rudner, one of the Co-Founders, suffered from Celiacs and Hashimoto’s disease. After struggling and living in pain for so long, she started listening to her body and learned to heal herself through the medicinal benefits of real food and cannabis. Liz changed her diet to a clean eating lifestyle and was able to fight the chronic inflammation she had been dealing with for such a long time. She also took things a step further and used cannabis, which helped offset the inefficiency in the Celiac’s ability to absorb nutrients in the food she ate. Research has shown that cannabis can also help ‘cool the gut,’ in which it slows down the muscle contractions that move food through the stomach and intestines. Combining the healing properties of real food and cannabis, Liz paved her road to recovery.

Clean Eating is a Lifestyle

So, how do you define a clean eating lifestyle? Look at food as fuel and medicine for your body. Eat whole, unrefined, nutrient dense foods and stay away from anything processed. What you put in your body should give you energy to perform well and nutrients to recover and heal. CLEAN EATING is a LIFESTYLE CHOICE. Plain and simple, it’s not a diet. Diets come and go, just like the pounds you shed and put back on. If you commit to your health and make your eating choices a lifestyle instead of a “diet”, you can succeed in reaching AND sustaining your health goals. Most importantly, your mind, body and spirit should be in alignment when it comes to staying healthy.

The 8 Key Ingredients

MoonMan’s Mistress believes there are 8 KEY INGREDIENTS to achieving health and happiness.

  1. Stay away from fad diets and quick weight loss plans. Eating is a lifestyle, it is NOT a restrictive diet.
  1. Choose wisely and always eat real food, especially when it comes to cannabis edibles. Think of food and edibles as energy for performance and medicine for healing and recovery. Always read the labels and pass on anything processed. Your body will thank you.
  1. Water is your best friend, so keep it close and stay hydrated. Drink the delicious pure and play in the salty varieties of the world.
  1. Play more, stress less and keep moving to stay youthful and healthy.
  1. Take a moment to reset from your everyday routine. Drown your lungs in fresh air and pause to smell the wild flowers.
  1. Never underestimate the power of sleep. It’s essential to finding your rhythm.
  1. Live in laughter and smile often. Share yours with someone else. It’s contagious.
  1. You have one chance to live how you dream. NEVER STOP chasing your passions.

Remember, eat well, move well and rest well to promote and balance a healthy lifestyle to the moon and back!

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