Is THC or CBD Better for Sex?

Couple holding hands in bed, to illustrate if THC or CBD is better for sex

It’s no secret that cannabis can change a sexual experience for many people. But the question is, is THC or CBD better for sex? Read on for the goods.

If you’ve ever had sex while high, you probably already know that it changes the game. But unless you’re paying close attention to what you’re consuming, and how you’re consuming it, you may not know if it’s the THC or CBD that’s making the difference. Read on for more about each cannabinoid and how it’s working for you in the bedroom.

The THC x Euphoria Connection

If you’ve ever had almost otherworldly sex while high, you can probably thank the THC (well, that and your chemistry with your partner). THC has the potential to enhance sensations and alter perception, which can lead to a pretty amazing sexual experience when all of the other non-cannabis factors align (environment, mood, hormone fluctuations, etc). If you go with a strain that is high in THC, you can expect increased tactile sensitivity (where every touch feels more profound) and heightened awareness. If this sounds like you’d be in for an intense encounter, that very well could be true. Of course, you should note that almost every roll in the hay is different—even with the same partner—so it may take some trial and error to find strains or products that work for you.

CBD’s Calming Influence

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis that is known for its ability to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. For people who are anxious during sex, CBD’s soothing influence can help. While CBD doesn’t possess the same potential for a more euphoric experience, CBD can be appealing for those who want to be in a more tranquil state during a sexual experience. In addition, many people don’t want to be in an altered cognitive state during sex, which is a benefit to a CBD-only or CBD-heavy strain or product.

CBD and Performance Anxiety

For those who experience performance anxiety—which is defined as worry or fear about completing a specific task, sometimes before that task has even begun—CBD can be especially beneficial. The reduction in anxiety helps to remove (or at least diminish) the barrier of apprehension or fear, which can make it easier to be present in the moment (rather than in your head!). Once you’re more focused on your surroundings, rather than what your anxiety is telling you, your mind and body are more likely to cooperate, which is obviously a more conducive scenario for intimacy.

Finding the Right Balance for Your Sex Life

The answer to whether THC or CBD is better for sex may actually be…it’s complicated (No! Nothing is ever complicated when it comes to cannabis!). It really comes down to individual needs and preferences, and the desired outcome from the sexual experience. Many people find that a combination of THC for heightened senses and CBD for anxiety strikes the right, balanced note. Others may prefer one or the other.

Keep in mind that dosages will also matter, and reactions vary from person to person. It’s also important to keep open lines of communication between you and your partner, to ensure that both parties are feeling comfortable every step of the way.

How We Can Help

With consent (always), thoughtful experimentation and open, honest dialogue, cannabis has the potential to make your sex life better than ever. But if you have questions about your specific situation, we’ve got you. Our cannabis counsellors are available to chat, free of charge, to help you get what you want and need out of your cannabis experience. Give us a call today.

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