How to Dose Cannabis Edibles Perfectly Every Time

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Wondering how to dose cannabis edibles to make the most of your weed experience? Keep reading for some easy-to-use tips to get it right every time.

Whether you are looking to add a little sparkle to your holiday festivities or to sneak in some much-needed R&R, there’s a cannabis edible that’s right for you. Infused cookies, chocolates and other treats are a great way to enjoy the benefits and pleasures of cannabis.

But, achieving the right effect can be tricky, especially if you’re new to cannabis. That said, with a little trial and error, you’ll be able to find the right product and the perfect dose. Scroll on for the goods on how to get started.

First Things First: What Are Cannabis Edibles?

Cannabis edibles aren’t new. People have been adding cannabis to food for years and years. The most famous of course, are the homemade weed brownies of the 1960s and early 1970s, but they’ve certainly evolved exponentially from there.

By definition, a cannabis edible is any food that is infused with cannabis compounds like THC, CBD or CBN. This also includes beverages like cannabis-infused waters, sodas or juices. Myriad cannabis brands create edibles containing precise formulations of cannabis compounds tailored to meet just about every need. The new generation of edibles provides an alternative to smoking or vaping cannabis, and they’re helping to bring cannabis to a broader range of consumers.

Commercially produced cannabis edibles contain various combinations of cannabis compounds and terpenes. Most include some amount of THC, the psychoactive cannabis compound that produces that euphoric high. Other edibles contain more CBD than THC, the non-intoxicating cannabinoid, which has gained attention for its relaxing effect.

How Edibles Work: Pros and Cons

Cannabis edibles can be safer than smoking, as inhaling cannabis creates toxins from burning cannabis leaves. That said, you still want to exercise caution when trying edibles, as the body reacts differently to ingested cannabis.

This is partly because inhaled cannabis is processed through the lungs, quickly reaching the bloodstream, while edibles are processed by the digestive system. For that reason, it can take an hour or more to feel the effects of an edible, so it’s easy to over-consume. If you’re overdo it with edibles that contain a THC content, the result may be an unpleasant experience.

The nice part about edibles, though, is that dosages are clearly marked. You will know exactly how much you are ingesting with every cookie, gummy or square of chocolate. That’s a good starting point for finding your comfort level already. But there are also a few key guidelines recommended by experts for how to dose edibles properly every time.

Start Low and Go Slow

Cannabis edibles can be potent, so if you’re trying edibles containing THC, it’s important to follow the basic rule of cannabis consumption: start low and go slow. Start your edibles journey by microdosing—take a small amount and gradually increase your intake until you get the results you want.

Some cannabis experts suggest keeping a log of your experiences as you work up to the right dosage. Note the kind of edible you tried, the amount you used and the percentage of THC and other compounds it contains. Track your dosage until you get it right; there’s no “one size fits all” prescription, and cannabis can affect people very differently.

Be Patient and Allow for Digestion

Give your edible time to work, since it can take time to feel the effects. Eating more of an edible because you don’t feel an immediate effect can lead to a negative experience. If you end up overdoing it with a high-THC edible, keep in mind that the experience will pass and it isn’t fatal. Consider keeping a high CBD product (such as a tincture or lozenge) on hand, as CBD can help to counterbalance the effects of THC.

Get Your Edibles from Quality Sources

To find perfect edible dose, it’s essential to know what’s in them. Your friend’s homemade brownies might taste great, but it’s impossible to know the amount of THC you are consuming and how it might affect you. Quality edible products have clear labeling that indicates the product’s cannabinoid content, including the percentages of THC and CBD. That can make it easier to get just the right amount every time.

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