How to Make Cannabis-Infused Coconut Oil

This is an excellent alternative to cannabutter and infused olive oil due to the high fat content in coconut oil.
Cannabis-Infused Coconut Oil

Cannabis-infused coconut oil is a great way to use weed, as it’s a format you can ingest or use topically to alleviate stress, combat chronic pain or to provide numerous other health benefits. Using cannabis-infused coconut oil is an effective means of making the most out of your weed extracts, often offering better results compared to alternative oil options like cannabutter or olive oil.

This oil is superior to other natural oil options because of its fatty acid/saturated fat ratio, which makes up about 90 percent of its total content. This makes it highly nutritious—and delicious!  Mixing cannabis with a high-fat substance like coconut oil maximizes the potency of your marijuana preparation and is an excellent alternative to rolling a joint. Also, coconut oil is not derived from animal sources, making it suitable for most vegetarians and vegans.

When considering marijuana strains to make a coconut oil infusion, select one with high concentrations of CBD and THC. This strategic combination can help you reduce the adverse effects of THC, such as anxiety or disorientation, while optimizing the plethora of health benefits.

Your cannabis-infused coconut oil is also multipurpose. In addition to cooking with your cannabis oil, you can also use it as a cannabis topical for localized pain or sore muscles. Some people even use cannabis-infused coconut oil as a weed sex lube!

Supplies Needed

Preparing homemade marijuana coconut oil is a simple four-step process with highly satisfying results. You’ll need these items for the process:

Parchment paper
Baking sheet
Mesh strainer
1 cup of coconut oil
1 cup of ground cannabis powder

How to Make Cannabis-Infused Coconut Oil

Decarboxylate your cannabis. The decarboxylation process transforms the naturally occurring THCA within the plant into THC, the substance that provides the therapeutic high associated with cannabis products. You can achieve this by grinding cannabis leaves and laying them atop the parchment paper on the baking sheet. Make sure to minimize moisture on the tray surface as it might dilute and reduce the quality of your product. Preheat the to oven to 245 F; when the oven is the correct temperature, bake the weed for for 35 to 45 minutes.

Next, use a grinder (or even just your hands) to break the weed up into an even consistency. While breaking down the weed gives you a richer cannabis experience, avoid making it too fine as the product will pass through your mesh strainer.

Add the coconut oil and decarbed cannabis into a saucepan and let the preparation heat slowly for approximately three hours, at temperatures between 160 and 200 F.

Finally, carefully position a mesh strainer over a container and pour your heated mixture through it. Let it flow naturally through the sieve rather than squeezing it through the mesh as this might result in extra chlorophyll and a raw, grassy texture for your infusion.

Additional Tips for Making Cannabis-Infused Coconut Oil

Although we recommend a 1:1 ratio for coconut oil and decarbed cannabis preparations, you may tweak concentrations according to your preferred strength. While marijuana coconut oil typically has a shelf life of two months, you may prolong its freshness by keeping it refrigerated.



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