My 87 year old mom is suffering with very painful shingles. Will the non-THC version of a topical offer her any relief?


Topical products infused with cannabidiol (CBD) can help decrease painful swelling and inflammation associated with rashes that break out on the body.

Kevin P.

Cannabis helps thousands of people deal with neuropathic pain. In fact, in New York — which has only approved medical cannabis for a very limited number of conditions — 41% of medical cannabis patients are being treated for neuropathic pain (by far the most commonly treated condition).

There is also a significant amount of research which has shown that "Sativex’ — an oromucosal spray with equal parts of THC and CBD — can effectively reduce neuropathic pain.

If your mother does not have access to THC containing creams, then a CBD only cream is worth a try. However, I would most recommend a topical that has both CBD and THC, such as

I hope this helps!


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