Keep Your Medicine Legal & Prevent a Crackdown on REC

A Looming Crackdown on REC?

The Associate Press reported on comments by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer this week:

The Justice Department will step up enforcement of federal laws against recreational marijuana, White House spokesman Sean Spicer said Thursday.

This is the Trump administration’s strongest indication to date of a looming crackdown on the drug, even as a solid majority of Americans believe it should be legal.

“I do believe you’ll see greater enforcement of it,” Spicer said in response to a question during a news conference.

Yet we have no idea what that enforcement might be.

Steps You Can Take to Keep Your Medicine Legal

Unfortunately, the line between recreational use and medical use is not as a black and white as everyone in government seems to think it is. If the federal government chooses to have “greater enforcement”, this could be the demise of not only the entire industry but would most likely greatly impede your access to medicine and reengage and fuel the black markets.

Here are some steps you can take:

1. Write to Your Congressperson

DPA helps fight against the renewal of a War on Drugs

Drug Policy Alliance makes it simple to write to your Congressperson. Just fill in the form and press send.

If you disagree with the War on Drugs, then also follow up and fill in this form that speaks out against Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his desire to reinvigorate the War on Drugs.

2. Sign a White House Petition to Respect State’s Laws on Marijuana

The White House petition is a good way for your voice to be heard.

Sign the petition to keep the DOJ out of states where citizens lawfully abide by those state’s laws. As stated on the petition:

On February 23, Press Secretary Sean Spicer indicated the Department of Justice might begin “greater enforcement” of federal law in states that have legalized marijuana. But during the campaign President Trump repeatedly pledged that if elected the federal government would respect the rights of states to enact their own cannabis laws. That is a wise policy supported by a growing super-majority of voters. They know that state marijuana legalization laws hurt the cartels, fund our schools and roads, and protect public health and safety. Studies in the Journal of the American Medical Association and others have shown that states with legal and accessible medical and recreational marijuana see a significant reduction in opioid death rates. Please keep your promise to the American people.

3. Stay Informed

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4. Stay Legal

Follow the laws of your state. If your state offers a medical card, I would highly recommend continuing with this practice until we know exactly what is going on. This goes for personal consumption, but also on the flip side. If you run a business and medical cards are legally required, continue to require them until a REC law goes into full effect. Follow the law to the letter.

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