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More than Getting Stoned

Even as more states offer legalized access to marijuana, there’s no shortage of middle-age to elderly people who still think of marijuana’s only purpose as ‘getting stoned’ – basing their viewpoint on the last time they consumed cannabis, many moons ago. This is something I have written about previously, arguing it’s not just about getting stoned.


For these folks though, I’m learning, times are finally changing. They may not be planning on getting high any time soon, but they are looking to solve painful, chronic nuisances. And they definitely don’t see a lifetime sentence of pharmaceuticals as the answer. Yet, taking that first step towards the cannabis plant seems harder than it should be. Blame the stigma. Blame disinformation. Or blame the status quo. The reality is it takes too long for cannabis outsiders to go from pain to gain.

I Keep Hearing About ‘The Cream’

I recently hosted a dinner party, where wine was more prevalent than weed. Towards the end of the evening, two ladies abruptly turned to me and demanded to know if ‘the cream works’. As the cannabis expert at the table, I understood the context. Still, I was a little taken aback. ‘The cream’, I asked, “Which one?”. There are already umpteen brands, I explained, varying in blend, strength and even smell. They cared little. They had heard from various sources about this supposed miracle ‘pot cream’, and they just wanted to know if it worked.

This scenario must be repeating itself all over the country. When something works, particularly for pain, word spreads. Just last week, a 75+ year-old friend of mine – who once told me the cannabis business was for lazy people – admitted that even he is now curious. Why? Because he’s reading and hearing about it everywhere. But mostly because pain is getting in his way.

In the case of the mysterious ‘cream’, these ladies were lucky. I quickly unpacked a plethora of samples for them to try on the spot. The verdict: the ‘cream’ works.

If you are new to cannabis and want to learn more, take a look at our Cannabis 101 post. HelloMD can help you get your medical marijuana recommendation; it’s 100% online, private and efficient.


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