Will Cannabis Gummies Help Me Lose Weight?

I’m looking for new ways to lose weight. Will weed gummies help?

Long-lasting weight loss requires changing daily habits, like eating different foods and exercising more often. Weed gummies won’t directly cause weight loss, but they can support these healthy lifestyle changes. Even though marijuana is known to cause “the munchiesmarijuana consumers weigh less on average will ultimately gain more weight than non-consumers. And to many people’s surprise, some cannabis strains are known to suppress the appetite.

THCV and Weight Loss

In studies, cannabidiol (CBD) has shown it can reduce appetite, improve insulin sensitivity, and increase metabolism without any intoxicating effects. But the new trending weight-loss cannabinoid is tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV). Anecdotally, THCV has been presented as an appetite suppressant. THCV seems to have the opposite effect of THC, making you less hungry and less likely to experience the junk food munchies.

Marijuana affects our eating habits via the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors of the endocannabinoid system. THC stimulates the CB1 receptor while THCV blocks the CB1 receptor.

It’s thought that THCV also takes our brain out of “autopilot” mode, which is when you might eat a whole box of cookies without even noticing. It’s thought to increase our brain’s conscious decision-making, so you may be more likely to reach for carrot and hummus over potato chips as a snack. Part of the beauty of THCV is that it keeps you so motivated and busy that you might even forget about food for a while.

Brands To Look For

Wana Optimals Fit gummies are one of the first THCV gummy products available to support weight loss. It’s a fast-acting edible, making it a more convenient option than traditional edibles, which can take up to two hours to take effect.

The combined effects of CBD and THCV reduce appetite, increase focus and energy, and relieve stress – and they won’t make you high. I like Wana Optimals Fit gummies because you can take them any time of day – like when you need extra motivation to work out or, for me, to prevent binge-snacking. Chocolate chip cookies, anyone? I also like that there are no real adverse effects to my weed gummies as long as you stay hydrated, and they won’t give you the jitters like traditional diet pills.

Most other THCV products are marketed towards increased focus. Weight loss is an indirect benefit, so they don’t advertise for it. Level’s Stimulate sublingual tablets contain THCV and CBG. Care By Design carries a whole line of “focus” products that contain THCV, including capsules, gummies, and droplets.

We will probably see more THCV products come to market as people discover the unique benefits of THCV. Used the right way, cannabis is an excellent tool for weight management because it’s natural and has the added benefits of relaxation.

Janet S.

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