Men, Weed and Sex

While sexual openness has been building over the 21st century, it’s still an ongoing discussion of whether or not partners should try bringing marijuana into the bedroom – especially for men.

As weed becomes more commonplace in many Americans’ daily lives, we would be remiss not to break down exactly what marijuana can and cannot do for men and their sex life.


How Weed Helps Men With Sex

Cannabis triggers the body’s dopamine receptors, similar to when you have sex.

When men combine weed and sex in the bedroom, they have reported more intense orgasms, as well as an increased desire for sex, the same goes for women, and we all know that a happy partner means a more pleasant sexual experience.

A 2019 study asked respondents questions about cannabis and sex and found the following:

  • Nearly 75% of respondents said weed increased their desire for sex
  • 75% also said cannabis increased their sensitivity to touch
  • 65% reported increased intensity of orgasms
  • 70% said weed helped them relax
  • Half responded that marijuana helped them focus during sex

For those already experiencing problems in the bedroom due to conditions like depression, anxiety, or chronic pain — marijuana can help bring a spark back to your sexual life.

A study on the relationship between cannabis and erectile dysfunction (ED) found that one of the possible causes of ED when using weed can be attributed to the endocannabinoid system. This is because cannabis binds to receptors in the hypothalamus (an area of the brain), which regulates erectile function and sexual behavior.

The study also found that this connection between weed and the male hypothalamus may also "explain why cannabis can improve sexual function in some patients affected by conditions or symptoms such as depression, anxiety disorder, and pain."

While ED is a potential side effect of cannabis use during sex, it’s avoidable in many cases. We’ll dive into that later on.

But for those with conditions that already impact sex, weed can spark the sexual desire in the brain again — the science provides clear evidence of this.


How Weed Can Negatively Affect Sex

While cannabis is resoundingly positive for many men and their sex lives, it doesn’t come without the potential for some negative effects. Keep in mind cannabis is easy to overconsume. The best way to avoid any weed-related issues is to start slow with low dosages.

The most common adverse side effect of weed and sex is that it can cause erectile dysfunction (ED) in some men. However, there are conflicting studies on this topic.

The clearest understanding of ED and cannabis is that moderate marijuana use won’t cause ED, but overuse may have an effect.

It’s easy to over-consume cannabis, especially if you’re not a regular consumer, but there are tips, products, and strains that minimize this risk such as:

  • Ask a doctor or budtender for advice on products to fit your needs
  • Start with lower THC products
  • Consume a small quantity of marijuana to start
  • Use CBD with THC to combat feelings of anxiety and stress

Top Marijuana Strains for Sex

Creating the perfect sexual experience with cannabis often boils down to choosing a cannabis strain that best suits you. The marijuana strains listed below are ideal, but try them out and choose the one(s) that you feel work best.


Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze contains one particularly important terpene for sex — limonene. Limonene is known to increase your sex drive while simultaneously reducing stress and relaxing the body. With a THC range of 15-25%, this strain should be used in smaller doses immediately before sexual activity.


Durban Poison

Durban Poison is another high-level limonene marijuana strain. The high from Durban Poison is often associated with clear-headedness and enhanced ability to focus. For those seeking enhanced libido and ability to focus on their partner, give this strain a try before hopping in bed.


Golden Goat

Golden Goat is a common strain in Colorado dispensaries. The weed contains 1-2% CBD which can help combat any negative mental effects associated with consuming cannabis. This sativa-dominant hybrid provides a boost in both mood and energy to set the mood.



For first-time smokers or less than regular cannabis consumers, Harlequin is a great strain to try out before sex. This marijuana strain boasts 8-6% CBD and much lower THC, meaning you can enjoy consuming it before sex with minimal risk of erectile dysfunction. You’ll feel a more mild effect, but still enjoy the sexual stimulation and enhanced sensory impact that many other strains provide.


Blue Dream

Blue Dream is an excellent option for more experienced marijuana users. It has a mid-level range of THC and provides a long-lasting, balanced high that can bring out euphoric effects when coupled with sex. Blue Dream is both relaxing and mentally stimulating, so you can focus on your partner while enjoying the moment.

As scientists continue their research on the ties between sex and weed, you’re free to do your experimentation. Try different products and strains with varying effects. And always remember to start slow and enjoy more as the night goes on.

Especially for those dealing with conditions that make sex difficult, cannabis is a safe, enjoyable plant to add to your sexual lifestyle.

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