Top 10 Videos to Watch While Stoned

Lighten Up and Laugh… A LOT

We give you the top 10 videos to watch while you’re stoned. You will laugh until you cry or cry until you laugh. Let’s face it, consuming marijuana can make life seem pretty darn funny. It’s pretty simple; vaporizing, taking an edible, and smoking are great ways to help you wind down from your day and put a smile on your face. Note: These are also good for middle of the day office break!


1. Substitute Teacher – Key and Peele

Key and Peele are two of the kings of sketch comedy and here they demonstrate their skills perfectly. An overly strict and easily riled substitute teacher has a funny way of pronouncing names, that makes him think that all of the students are trying to embarrass him when they correct him.

2. Close Encounter – SNL

Kate McKinnon is a powerhouse on Saturday Night Live and in this video she is at her best. A set of people have been abducted by aliens and, after being returned, are being debriefed by the government, where a description of very different alien encounters comes to light.


3. Dogs Who Fail at Being Dogs

You just need a video to make you laugh, but you don’t want to pay attention too much, this video is the perfect. It is filled with dogs being their silly, lovable selves!

4. Haunted Elevator – SNL

Tom Hanks can be funny. This video came from SNL’s halloween themed episode which features David S. Pumpkins, an odd singing and dancing character in a haunted tower amusement ride. David S. Pumpkins has already become a cult character, and after watching this video, you’ll know why.

5. Funny Goats Screaming Like Humans

You know goats scream like humans? This video compiles various videos of goats yelling like grown people, and some like babies, as they often make the people filming them laugh like crazy.

6. Animals in Mirrors Hilarious Reactions

Some very smart person decided to to put up a mirror in the middle of a jungle and set up a camera. What is caught on camera is an array of interesting and often funny reactions that the animals produce, ranging from charging the mirror like a rival animal to checking out their reflection to scaring themselves.

7. Boogie Storm Makes Simon’s Dream Come True

This video has to be seen to be believed, but it features one of the most interesting, impressive, entertaining, and hilarious auditions for Britain’s Got Talent out there. I don’t want to spoil the video, however, so you can get the full effect when you watch it yourself.

8. Is the Chicken Local? – Portlandia

Let’s roll with Portlandia for awhile and find out how our favorite couple orders an organic chicken named…I don’t want to spoil it.

9. It’s An Avocado!

This video may only be 7 seconds, but it is absolutely hilarious. It features a young boy who received a present he is not so happy about, but which he accepts with a smile on his face. It is very easy to watch this video again and again and continue to laugh because it is such an odd, but fantastic video.

10. I Ate My Kids Halloween Candy – Jimmy Kimmel

One of Jimmy Kimmel’s now famous jokes involves him requesting that parents inform their kids that they ate all of their halloween candy while filming their reactions. The kids reactions garner comedy gold in this compilation of the best videos that were submitted back to Kimmel.

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