Top 7 Cannabis Strains That Are Ideal for Sharing

Cannabis is a plant that was meant to be shared. Some of your earliest memories of marijuana may be sitting in a circle of friends and passing a joint around. And while times have changed since then, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t continue to share your cannabis with friends (or soon-to-be friends) now.

We’ve long known that interacting with others and having strong social relationships are good for us. In fact, some psychologists even see it as a strong predictor of health and longevity—even more than quitting smoking or deciding to lose weight.


Studies also suggest that having strong social relationships can reduce your risk of:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Alzheimer’s disease

And of course, what better way to up all of the health benefits gained from social interaction than by adding a little bit of cannabis to the mix? Not all of us are social butterflies after all, and cannabis can help folks feel more at ease and more likely to engage with others at a party, gathering or other group activity.

Plus, sharing cannabis is a long and well-loved social tradition that actually dates back centuries. So, with this in mind, have a look at a few of our favorite strains, which you can share with your friends during various social situations.


1. Share Chernobyl With Your Friends Before & During a Night Out

Chernobyl cannabis strain

If you’re planning to paint the town red with your friends, take Chernobyl along for a ride. This zippy sativa is energizing and cerebral—just what you need to give you and your friends a little boost after you all clock out on a Friday evening.

Chernobyl’s effects can last a long time for smokable cannabis—up to three hours, so your group won’t need to dose so often while you’re hitting the clubs.

2. Pass Around a Bit of White Widow for a Stimulating Conversation

White Widow cannabis strain

Make no mistake, White Widow is a popular sight in Amsterdam coffeehouses for a reason: This cannabis strain boasts a sweet, mellow flavor and a mental buzz that’s ideal for discussing topics of the day.

Whether you’re hosting a book club meeting or just having friends over to chill, White Widow’s potent cerebral effects, energizing nature and pleasant body high are sure to spark some stimulating conversations.

3. If Your Friend Group Is New to Cannabis, Go With Blue Dream

Blue Dream cannabis strain

Consuming cannabis in a group setting can be intimidating—especially if you’re new to cannabis or just don’t have a high tolerance. Most of us familiar with cannabis can probably recall a social situation that we had to bow out of, because the cannabis we had just didn’t sit well with our body.

That’s what makes Blue Dream such a dream—this cannabis strain provides a laid-back, happy vibe as well as pleasant body high. These well-balanced effects are suitable for all types of occasions, including socializing with friends.

4. Pack Some Maui Wowie for a Group Outdoor Adventure

Maui Wowie cannabis strain

If you’re organizing a big camping trip or a river float, pack some Maui Wowie along for the group to enjoy. Maui Wowie is an oldie, but goodie: Since the 1960s, this cannabis strain has been known for producing a mood-boosting, upbeat high that’s a good fit for active pursuits.

And its fruity, pineapple flavors are the perfect accent to a summer day out on the water or the trail.

5. Use Space Queen to Break the Ice

Space Queen cannabis strain

Being part of a gathering where no one knows each other can be tough. Good thing we’ve got a secret weapon for you: Space Queen. This playful cannabis strain is known for elevating mood and creativity, while also inspiring fits of laughter. Because of this, Space Queen is an ideal conversation starter. Pass a little bit of Space Queen around, and pretty soon that group of strangers will turn into fast friends.

6. Present Candyland at Your Next Dinner Party

Candyland cannabis strain

Having some cannabis at a dinner party seems like a no-brainer, but choose the wrong strain and your guests could leave earlier than you’d like. Have no fear though, because we’ve got the perfect pick for you: Candyland.

This upbeat, cannabis strain is known for providing a mellow, euphoric buzz that’ll have your guests chatting and noshing well into the night.

7. Use Jack Herer to Tackle a Group Project

Jack Herer cannabis strain

If you’ve invited friends over to help you tackle a group project like helping you move, be sure to repay them in kind with a little Jack Herer. This easygoing, versatile marijuana strain is known for inducing a well-balanced high that’s both energizing and clear-headed.

Jack Herer can help you and your friends complete any task with ease—and maybe even have a little bit of fun while doing it.

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If you’re new to cannabis and want to learn more, take a look at our Cannabis 101 index of articles. And if you have questions about cannabis, ask them and our community will answer.


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