HelloMD Launches Telehealth Service for Medical Cannabis in New York

HelloMD, a digital health platform for non-traditional care, announced its return to the US with a flagship launch in the state of New York. For …


Can I take Cannabis CBD Oil and lexapro (10Mg) together?

The answer is maybe, yes and no. Depending on why you are taking Lexapro and for how long, it is a question best discussed between …


New York Allows More Methods of Marijuana Consumption

In August, the New York Health Department announced planned changes to the state’s medical marijuana program. Under the proposed regulations, the list of approved methods …


Cannabis Capsules: Why They Might Be Right for You

Anyone who has purchased over-the-counter (OTC) medication has likely taken at least one capsule in their lifetime. After all, capsules dominate the OTC medicine aisles …


i have some CBD 18.1 How often should I take a capsule for pain?

Hello. It depends on the milligrams of the CBD:THC 18:1. To treat chronic pain take 20-40mg once or twice a day depending on severity of …


5 Ways (Other than Smoking Flower) to Consume Marijuana

For many people, smoking flower is the first and only thing that comes to mind when they think about consuming cannabis, but the reality is …

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