What products do you recommend for poor eyesight or Glaucoma?

I’m sorry to hear about your vision/ glaucoma issues. Cannabis can be useful adjunct to help w/ symptoms from glaucoma (i.e. corneal "steaming", pain & …


3 Popular Questions About Marijuana & Glaucoma Answered

It’s no secret that some folks who suffer from glaucoma or poor eye health turn to cannabis for relief—and the vast majority report that marijuana …


HAVE GLAUCOMA AND L5 BULGE am currently using

keyboard sensitive..using 20 to 1 acdc a few drops massaging lower lumbar. using 25 to 1 acdc sub lingual 25 drops for no know …


How Does Cannabis Affect Your Eyes?

Studies find marijuana compounds cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) may actually be able to support eye vision. Read More


3 Popular Questions About Marijuana & Seniors Answered

People may associate marijuana with a younger crowd, but more and more seniors are turning to the cannabis plant to help ease pain associated with …

Alzheimer's Disease

Top 5 Senior Conditions That Can Be Treated With Cannabis

In our golden years, we hope for a stress-free retirement, time to spend with family and maybe even a few adventures here and there. But …


What is the best tincture for Glaucoma? I do not want to be high.

Hi, here is a link to a article on glaucoma and cannabis. From what I have read, both CBD and THC is beneficial. If …


Any advice for what works the best for glaucoma?

Here’s a link to a page on our website with articles and Q&A related to glaucoma. A couple of doctors previously answered questions about glaucoma …


Having Trouble Sleeping? Try Non-Psychoactive CBN

If you consumed marijuana that was sitting around for longer than usual or was exposed to open air or sunlight for an extended period of …


Recommendation for a 93 year old woman who has severe glaucoma? Still has 20/20 vision and healthy.

Quite frankly, with current medication and her age, I would not recommend cannabis in a person this age. Though cannabis has been shown to help …


what is the interaction between metoprolol tartrate 25mg t and cannibis?

"cannibis is taken daily just before bed for glaucoma. Metoprolol is taken for rare, but occasional anxiety-related blood pressure spikes that are vasovagal related." Cannabis …


What should a 75 year old woman with several medical issues take?

"My mom is 75 years old with diabetes, glaucoma, cataract, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and severe kidney disease stage 3. She has expressed an extreme interest …

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