Health Benefits of Marijuana
Alzheimer's Disease

Top 10 Health Benefits of Marijuana & Weed

Cannabis has moved out of the grey area and into its rightful position as a part of a healthy approach to overall wellness. Read on for 10 health benefits of marijuana.


Meet HelloMD’s New Chief Medical Officer Dr. Patricia Frye

Dr. Patricia Frye has been a practicing cannabis physician for four years—in fact, she was the first doctor HelloMD hired to consult with patients online. …


What cbd product might i take for seizures

"Have been diagnosed with seizure activity that is mild (absentee seizures). I take Keppra for this. My doctor here in Arkansas said I could also …


NCAA Bans the Use of Seizure-Preventing CBD Oil

Imagine working your entire life towards your dream, only to have it snatched away because of an outdated policy. This is exactly what’s happening to …


Beyond the CB1 & CB2 Cannabis Receptors: TRPV1 & GPR55

If you’re familiar with cannabis science, you know about CB1 and CB2, the receptors located throughout the body that are triggered by cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol …


How Hemp CBD Oil Can Help Kids With Seizures

Stories of treating epileptic children with cannabidiol (CBD) oil have been prolific in the media in the last few years. Arguably, these stories ignited and …


Controlling Epilepsy With Cannabis & the Keto Diet

In early 2018, Illinois sixth-grader Ashley Surin won a major legal victory: the right to have access to medical marijuana at school. The middle schooler …


Is it safe to take cbd oil with lamictal for absence seizures?

"My son takes 60 mg of lamictal, two times a day. His seizures are under control, but it affects his mood. Is it safe to …


Can Cannabis Cause or Prevent Seizures?

Recent studies published within six months of each other make two diametrically opposed claims: One points to cannabis as the likely cause of seizures while …


If using CBD pills (Care by Design 18:1) to treat potenial seizures, what is the daily dosage?

"My mother, the patient, is the in hospital for possible seizures but they’re still not sure if it is indeed seizures. They may be sending …


What do you recommend for seizure disorder?

Hello and thank you for your question, Cannabis is now very well known for it’s efficacy as an anti-epileptic medication. In fact, the walk in …


Hemp and Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes: Is There a Difference?

With 23 states and the District of Columbia having legalized medical marijuana to some degree, health-related cannabis products are growing. Some of these products are …

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