Are medical marijuana edibles legal in Louisiana?

Not currently.

Although medical marijuana was legalized in Louisiana in 2016, the program is not yet operational.

The qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Louisiana are:
-Cachexia (wasting syndrome)
-Crohn’s disease
-Muscular Dystrophy
-Multiple Sclerosis
-Seizure disorders/Spasticity

The patient possession limits for cannabis will be a 30-day supply of non-smokable marijuana products. Home cultivation will not be permitted as the law stipulates a single, state-licensed supplier to provide marijuana to the state. It’s anticipated that one or two Louisiana universities will be selected as the providers.

Should you anticipate visiting California, you can use HelloMD to obtain a California medical marijuana recommendation while you are here. You would then be able to legally purchase cannabis from a CA dispensary/delivery service while in the state of California.


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