Are the effects of an edible the same as the effects of smoking marijuana?

"For example, will the effects of consuming 65mg of THC in an edible be the same as if I smoked a join with 65mg of THC?"

The effects are different but this difference is also different for everyone. In general, absorption of cannabinoids in the blood stream is much faster for an inhalation product than consuming my mouth/ PO. The lungs are richly fed w/ blood through the pulmonary circulation; absorption by mouth requires waiting till the item reaches the stomach and intestine. In general, it only takes minutes for pts to feel an effect from cannabis after inhalation; for edibles this can vary from 30- 90+ minutes (also depending on how much food was in the stomach). In addition, many pt’s have told me that ingestion often brings about a more tactile experience but this is only one observation. Most health professionals in the cannabis field would agree that the observed effects for edibles/ PO last longer (up to 6-8 hrs) vs 1-2 hrs via the inhalation route. However, these are purely based on pooled observational data & other clinicians probably can add to the list of observed differences between cannabis inhaled vs. PO/ by mouth. ; more long term studies are required. I hope this helps!


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