Beside anxiety, I get nerve pain due to type 2 diabetes, what kind of product do you recommend for this pain

We recommend our BALANCE or BALANCE+ vaporizers based on the patient feedback we’ve received. BALANCE+ contains THC and so is only available to medical cannabis patients in CA right now, but our BALANCE hemp derived CBD vaporizer is available nationwide. Here’s what one patient using the BALANCE vaporizer had to say about how it worked for her Type 2 diabetes related pain:

‘This is my first experience with CBD. I’m a 70 year old woman. I’m a diabetic and have been really suffering for many years with excruciatingly painful leg and foot cramps, especially at night, sometimes waking me with ferocious pain. Over the years after complaining of this at every doctor’s visit, I’ve tried so many supposed cures but nothing has ever worked. Magnesium, quinine, heat; you name it I’ve tried it. The doctors say there is nothing to help. However, since I’ve started using the Evoxe Balance high CBD vape pen each night before bed, my leg cramps have miraculously disappeared! And I cannot believe what a difference this has made in my life. I also find that my blood sugar numbers seem to be in better control as an added benefit. I am so thankful to have found this product.’

BALANCE can be purchased directly from our website at EvoxeLabs.com/Balance, and if you’re a CA resident you can find locations that carry our products near you at EvoxeLabs.com/locations


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