Best protocol for metastatic colon cancer

This is an important question to answer properly because many people have questions about cannabis and cancer. I’m assuming that you are looking for a scientific, or at least evidence-based answer. If you are seeking other information, such as "popular" (as in frequently heard about) plans for treating cancer with cannabis, or endorsements of preparations that people say cured their cancer, you should move on to a different answer from this one. Although in the laboratory cannabis has demonstrated effects on many biologal processes involved in cancer and the body’s response to cancer, some extemely promising, the difference between a laboratory observation and a treatment protocol developed with clinical science is huge. The real situation is this: no actual parameters for successfully treating any kind of cancer with medicinal cannabis have been determined through clinical science. Any other advice you receive will be folk medicine. Folk medicine is full of truths and wisdom, but it can be hard to tell which truths are the wise ones. I think it is also important to keep in mind that many cancer patients find some relief of the symptoms of both their illness, and their treatment, with medicinal cannabis. And, as I am endlessly pointing out, making use of the mood moderating, anti-anxiety, and other typically observed effects of cannabis in cancer is supported by the clinically validated observation that attitude and desire to go on are key elements in cancer survival.


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