Can cannabis make your face and/or body feel numb?

"I drank a small quantity, half a glass (2.5 mls of a 5 milligram serving size), of a tincture that had caffeine (mate), maca and cannabis in it. Supposedly a lovely morning/daytime working & focus mix. Yeah, no.

Now my skin feels numb. If I pinch myself, I can’t feel it. So weird! I’ve had the same feeling happen on occasion with alcohol, or with triptans (migraine medication). But never on this scale.

So weird.
Hard to type with numb fingers.

It is possible that a 5mg serving is a high dose for you and that your extremities might have felt a little different – but to go completely numb is a bit of a strange occurrence.

It is possible that you might be having an allergic reaction.

I would recommend speaking to a doctor about this sensation as the feeling of numbness can be attributed to other conditions such as poor blood circulation for example.


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