Can full extract CBD oil cause dermatitis?

"I used this oil with success, removing basal cell on my arm and leg. Unfortunately, I used it on a keratosis near my aureola and it triggered a very allergic reaction. I’m still unclear whether a secondary baterial or fungal infection is involved. My breast is still hyper sensitive and a rash went down my arm, and under my breast. I have no idea where to go from here. My Gynocologist has no clue. Any sources for more information accrued thru experience or trials?"

It sounds like you need to see the Dermatologist and I’m surprised the Gynecologist did not make that referral for you. The combination of factors you describe, including lack of knowledge regarding the exact ingredients used in making in the preparation you applied, make this a far too complicated problem to advise you about in any detail. I would not apply anything at all to the area at this point until you get properly evaluated, and the presence of redness leading away from the area implies that you should be evaluated promptly.


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