Can I use Moxie Meds products if I take prescription pain medications?

"Are there any interactions I should be concerned with?"

Hello there! Which specific Rx pain medications are you taking and for what condition? Which Moxie products and how often do you plan to take them? In general, regardless of the make of med cann products, I give the same warning to patients: co-administration of any med cann products (even topical med cann products) with opiates, benzodiazepines (like Xanax etc. ) , neuroleptics (like gabapentin, Lyrica etc), and sleep aids (like trazodone, Ambien, etc) should be done carefully because of increased risk of fall/ accident. If possible, I tell pt’s to wait a couple of hours or to take either cannabis products or the aforementioned Rx meds or to consider staggering their use on different days. You should be okay so long as you remain cognizant of this possibility. I hope this helps!


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