Can someone please help?

"Hi I’m new here. Have a lot of medical issues. My primary said this should work. My issues. Breast cancer survivor double mastectomy, Anxiety, arthritis, bone disease, fibromyalgia, herniated disc in neck and lower back, pinched spinal cord in neck, high risk colon cancer, stomach ulcer, hernia, ibs, gout, depression had over 37 surgeries not finished yet. Help. Any recommendations?


You certainly have a number of medical issues to be addressed here. Let me know what issue is most negatively affecting your quality of life whether it be pain, depression, anxiety, or something else. We need to take a holistic approach to your case as depression can often be a result of pain, or pain can be a symptom of depression. Medical marijuana may be helpful for you, but we must address those issues which can be overcome first.

NP Joshua

Hello SueC,
I’m sorry to hear of the suffering you”re enduring and you certainly have several issues to address. However, even though there are several issues, I believe you should keep the treatment plan as simple as possible. As such, I’d recommend an edible or tincture to take throughout the day, as well as a vape pen or portable flower vaporizer to address any additional symptoms.

For most, I’d recommend a treatment plan something like:

  1. https://treatwellhealth.com/products/wellness-and-balance-blends/ – "Balanced Tincture" 900mg formula 10drops every 3 to 4 hous (about 2mg of THC, CBD, THCA and CBDA)
  2. then try a couple pens by dosist. I’d recommend most to try the "Calm" formula and/or the "Bliss" formula

However, there are many possible variables which change the treatment plan. So please consult with a physician before starting any protocol.


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