Can the use of marijuana enhance fear, dizziness and intense fatigue?

"Specifically, can the use of RSO oil and/or Dormicum heighten these symptoms?"

In my honest opinion, I think any cannabis product (RSO included) can be combined with medications like Dormicum/ aka Midalozam. Midazolam is a benzodiazepine (like Xanax) used to help patients with anxiety, sleep, and it’s also used in many operating rooms as it also allows for some anterograde amnesia. Benzodiazepines and cannabis, in my observation over the years, seem to have a bi-phasic response. In low doses, both can be anxiolytic (decrease anxiety) but it high doses, in some patients there is a paradoxical increase in fear response; to me, this is what sounds like is happening. For safety’s sake, I never recommend my patients use medical cannabis products and anxiolytics like Dormicum/ Midazolam at the same time. I also recommend other modalities to help with anxiety reduction that are not drug/ cannabis based (i.e. vigorous exercise daily, meditation/ mindfulness practice, CBT/ cognitive behavioral therapy) through an MD referral, etc). I hope these tips help!


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