Can you legally grow medical marijuana in Ohio?

I live in Ohio and I have my medical marijuana card. Can I legally grow marijuana for personal use?

Zach K.

No, unfortunately it’s not legal to grow marijuana plants for personal use in Ohio. Not yet at least. In 2021, a bill (HB 382) was introduced to legalize the recreational use of marijuana and allow for adult cultivation. It hasn’t advanced yet, but in 2022 we may see some changes to marijuana laws in Ohio.

Still, as of now the law prohibits cultivating cannabis for personal or household use. If you already have your medical marijuana card, then you can visit any of the licensed dispensaries around the state. The good news is that you can buy flower at the dispensary, and there are a wide variety of strains available.

If saving money is the reason you want to grow your own, you may want to look for strains that are sold in larger quantities as shake or small buds sometimes referred to as popcorn buds. In Cleveland, Terrasana sells Riviera Creek Garlic Cookies trim and Rise Dispensary sells Galenas Bluberry Cookie Shake by the half ounce.

Some dispensaries also offer daily promotions, patient loyalty programs, and veteran discounts to help you lower costs.

Brandon M.


It is not legal to grow your own weed in Ohio. Anyone who wants to cultivate medical marijuana has to apply for a license with the Ohio Department of Commerce. Right now the application period is closed, but you can sign up on their website to receive updates.

The Department of Commerce approved 33 cultivator provisional licenses, divided into Level I and Level II categories depending on the square footage of the cultivation area. Twenty-nine of these were awarded a Certificate of Operation License after complying with statutory rules. Regulators award a certain number of permits to promote competition and to meet the demands of Ohio’s medical marijuana patient population in a safe and consistent manner.

Since you have your medical card, you can visit any of the certified dispensaries in your area to buy cannabis flower from licensed growers, or other products like oils, tinctures, edibles, and lotions. Flower is available in a variety of strains and Ohio medical patients can legally buy a 45-day supply of cannabis at a time.

I encourage you to explore all the strains available from the currently licensed growers. They sell really fun and yummy strains like Unicorn Cake by Bullseye Gardens and Salty Watermelon by Firelands Scientific, and the quality is impressive.

Emily F


No, you can’t grow your own marijuana in Ohio. But you can legally buy marijuana flower from the dispensary. There are 58 dispensaries around the state and they sell flower grown by licensed cannabis cultivators. To hold an operation license, marijuana cultivators have to follow statutory rules enforced by the Ohio Department of Commerce. This ensures the safety and consistency of medical marijuana products sold at dispensaries.

Brands like Ancient Roots and Buckeye Relief offer a variety of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains. Most dispensaries list the cross-breed parents and terpene profile of the strain so you can make educated choices. At dispensaries, flower is sold in amounts of 2.83 grams (g), 5.66 grams, 8.49 grams, and 14.15 grams. Medical patients can buy a 45-day supply of cannabis at a time.

There’s a chance the laws may change in the future to allow personal cultivation. For now, to consume medical cannabis legally, you have to meet the qualifying conditions, register for your medical marijuana card, and buy your flower at the dispensary.

Tyler K.

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