Daytime and nighttime strain suggestions for multiple symptoms?

"I’m looking for good strains for vaping. I have back pain, arthritis, headaches, copd and insomnia. What are some good strains for these – both daytime and nighttime?"

To avoid psychoactivity and mental fog, use high CBD strains like ACDC or CBD:THC ratios of 1:1 or 2:1(Harlequin, Cannatonic, Medi-Haze). Topical cannabis salve is effective in relieving pain, inflammation, and spasm when massaged into the affected area – great for day or night. Small amounts of strains like Blue Dream are good for daytime pain and inflammation but have some psychoactivity that usually dissipates after an hour or so if you don’t use too much. But for a full entourage effect, try to use a strain that has at least some CBD. CBD and THC act better together than either one does by itself. Acetaminophen potentiates the pain relieving effects of THC. NSAIDs diminish THC’s pain relief. Indicas like Granddaddy Purple, Purple Haze, Purple Urkle, Critical Kush, Master Kush are excellent strains for nighttime. Not only do they relieve pain, muscle spasm, and inflammation but they facilitate falling and staying asleep.


Well, for the day time you are going to want something that can give you the effects, but not something that puts you down energy wise. That’s great at night, but what about if you have things to do? Sativas, they give you that creative boost as well as making life more bright and cheery. (Green crack is a great daytime medicine. It helps with lack of appetite in my case. ) Indica is your night dosage. Helps you sleep kills pain for a relaxing finish to you day. Spent time with your family or play some video games. (Try chocolate chunk, northern lights, or some purple durkle.)


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