Do fluctuating hormones effect my reaction to an edible?

"My reaction to a low dose edible (5mg) seems to vary. Is this possibly due to hormones that change during the month? Sometimes it seems very strong and other times it feels just right.
I use them to manage pain at night."

Certainly, if you are a woman, anything can affect your hormones and in women the hormones fluctuate from day to day. We have many many hormones in the body, not just the sex hormones. If you are stressed, your beautiful hormone symphony is disrupted and the hormones will be funneled through a fight or flight pathway turning off somatomedian, causing you to age prematurely if you do not stop the stress. Somatostatin, the hormone that takes over when we are stressed, reduces your production of human growth hormone and can shrink your brain, your lungs, affect your heart, your GI tract, your adrenals, your thyroid, insulin, insulin resistance and you will lose motivation, have sleep disturbance, irritability and gain weight and one way to regain balance is to burn off the excess somatostatin by getting your heart rate above 100, or a very brisk walk.
So, try not to take on stress and learn to address stress appropriately, take care of the underlying cause and consider CBD edibles instead of THC edibles since the CBD does reduce inflammation that can result from the stress and helps you to stay calm but the THC is changed from delta 9 THC to delta 11 THC once the liver picks up the THC edible from the stomach, and it is twice as strong. That’s okay if you just want to be high but it is not the most effective way to deal with stress.
I would hope that using cannabis does not keep you in a situation that you might need to leave.
Your hormones levels do fluctuate daily if you’re female but it is a hormonal symphony. The hormones are timed to come in at the right time and edibles will not really affect that but stress can cause wild swings in the hormones. Your reaction to the edible will be unique to you but may be different depending on the day of the month and how much stress you have acquired. Typically in the pre-menstrual phase women are more sensitive to chemicals and cravings.
Are you peri-menopausal? Are you a new mom trying to adjust? Are you taking care of your nutrition, eating fresh, organic, raw greens every day (or blend them and drink them) for the B vitamins in their natural form? Are you in an intolerable situation?
Let me know if you still need help……


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