Do you have plans to make oils that have other flavors or essences in them?

"My best friend loves her vape, but doesn’t always enjoy the flavor of the cannabis. Is it possible to have the same effect without the flavor?"

The terpenes are what gives cannabis its flavor. While we don’t have plans to add any artificial flavorings, essential oils, etc to our process, what your friend might want to explore is strains that are terpene-rich in flavors/scents that she likes. Fundamentally, there isn’t any difference at the terpene level between the Myrcene in some strains of cannabis, and the Myrcene that is found in Mangos. A fun experiment might be going to a good dispensary and spending some time "smelling the flowers" so to speak. It truly is an area in which you can ‘follow your nose’ and if there is a cannabis flower that smells delicious to you, you are responding to the terpenes present in that strain. An extract of that strain would be like a concentrated experience of that smell.


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