CBD ratio in sublingual tincture for migraine

"I have neurofibromatosis and so I have neurofibromas or benign tumors in my brain which often cause massive migraines. I have been vaping a strain of CBD rich flower which is a 2:1 ratio. It helps however I find that for my more intense migraines, it does not help with the pain. I am interested in trying tinctures as recommended by my MMJ doctor. Since the 2:1 is not strong enough for the really bad pain, is it recommended to get a higher cbd ratio (4:1, 8:1, etc) or a more balanced ratio tincture (1:1)?"

I would suggest a more balanced ratio like a 1:1. Many patients sing the praises of the hybrid stain, "Girl Scout Cookies" when it comes to pain and inflammation. Make sure the flower or oil is organic. Pesticides will only make your headaches worse. I hope you find some relief. Take care!


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