Does vaping, such as with a FireFly vaporizer, create that unmistakable smell associated with a burning joint?

"More specifically … is there ANY smell when using Firefly and, if so, how strong or pervasive is the smell and how long does it last? Thanks!"

Vaporizing does produce a smell, but it only lasts for as long as the actual vapor lingers in the air. The smell produced by vaporizing is weaker than from smoking, and is more akin to toasted plant matter. I’ve heard it described as smelling a little like overdone popcorn, but with a more floral and, yes, weed-y characteristic. Smoking results in a much more pungent burnt and skunky smell that will stick to surfaces and hover in the room for a lot longer. If you’re just taking a few small puffs from your vape, the smell dissipates almost immediately. As long as you aren’t vaping a whole bunch, the smell won’t leave the room and it will disappear after thirty minutes or less, making it ideal for situations where you don’t want to bother others in your household.


Tbh yes vaporizING produces a smell but very faint like if you vaped inside a closed room and 2 minutes later someone walked in they won’t even realise it honestly. It isn’t smoke so it doesn’t stink up your clothing or furniture and linger around it dissipates and smell is literally gone. If it’s a convection vaporizer like the Firefly 2 then that smell is dramatically reduced because FF2 isn’t conduction is 100% convection so it isn’t baking your herbs while u aren’t inhaling like conduction vapes do so convection would be the top choice for less smell


If you are concerned about the smell, exhale into a kitchen exhaust fan running on high. It only takes a few seconds of running to vent the odor up the chimney and outside the house.


There is no odour and the vapour dissipates very quickly…..no worries!

I have people around me with very good odour detectors and they don’t smell the vaping.


Vaping with the firefly 2 has very low odor that dissipates quite quickly I have had the pax and the odor was quite strong and noticeable! If you open your firefly2 you will smell something however as soon as the cover goes back on the smell is gone! That’s the beauty of the firefly2 the smell is low odor and dissipates quite quickly. If I use it in my bathroom and walk out the smell disappears within seconds! You will see!Also the pax2 has a lingering smell that never really disappears.mostpirtable Vapes do/firefly 2 does not, especially if cleaned after every 10 uses!


You are never combusting the marijuana so you never create any burning smell. The firefly (Unlike conduction vaporizers which burn the herbs) never cooks the bud so no smell is emitted when vaporizing. Hot air passes over the bud releasing the thc but no combustion occurs.


The Firefly is meticulously designed to produce very minimal odor or smell. It is nothing like the smell of a lighting a joint– since there is no combustion and the material is not burning. I personally have never liked the smell of cannabis burning, and that is one reason I love the Firefly so much– it doesn’t produce that lingering smell at all.

I have honestly heard stories of people in nursing homes choosing the Firefly over other vaporizers because the odor is so minimal, and the device can be used very discreetly without anyone else smelling it.


Hiya! In a lot of the studies conducted about cannabis vaporization and user experiences, one of the advantages mentioned by the participants is the lack of odor while using one of these devices. For example, take this excerpt of the results written by JM Malouff in his 2014 study – ‘Experiences of marijuana-vaporizer users’:

"Users identified 4 advantages to using a vaporizer over smoking marijuana: perceived health benefits, better taste, no smoke smell, and more effect from the same amount of marijuana. Users identified 2 disadvantages: inconvenience of setup and cleaning and the time it takes to get the device operating for each use. […]"

Link to the scientific paper by NCBI: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24821347

HOWEVER, in my personal experience I would have to argue that anybody that tells you that there is not odor while vaporizing is probably lying. I have never used a Firefly 2 (hopefully I will if I happen to win this giveaway ayyoo), so I can’t speak on the smell associated with its usage, but all the other vaporizers do produce a smell while you’re using them. Having said that, the smell is not as strong as it is when combusting herb, nor does it linger for the same amount of time. Another thing to note is that conduction vaporizers tend the hold on to that particular scent for a longer period of time in comparison to convection vapes (such as the Firefly), especially if you don’t clean them very well.

So to sum up, vaporizing will not create that very particular joint smell but it won’t be odor free either. If you’re in a current situation in which the smell of using any particular herb as medication will put you in a risky or uncomfortable situation, always weigh out your options and think about the consequences before you take an action. If you’re just picky about smells, vaping will make your room less dank.

Be well!



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