I have a vap pen and you are right about the temp controls!

"What is the cost of the Firefly"

OG firefly which is the first one that is around 250 right now and the newest one is the Firefly 2 which is 330 dollars but highly worth every penny. You get 2 batteries 3 concentrate pads cleaning utensils a charger and beautifull packaging it’s almost like the construct, that’s the all white room from the Matrix movie. It has a app that helps you control the temps and see how much battery is left future updates coming soon for the app. Heat up Tim is 3 seconds but those 3 seconds the Firefly 2 isn’t cooking anything you put inside untill you start to inhale so you never waste any maerial you get the full spectrum of your material from start to finish no need to rush threw bowls because you hit it as you please without worrying about ever loosing out on anything inside of the bowl. Borosilicate glass chamber full glass pathway for the vapor to get to your lungs meaning pure taste at its finest also super easy to clean.and it’s very stylishly elegant. Fits in your pocket built with magnesium alloy material I mean this thing is a complete powerhouse. If you live in San Francisco I’m sure you could probably stop by Firefly headquarters and maybe try a Firefly 2 out way before you even buy one. Support a brand you believe in, Firefly. Hop all this info was helpfull. Stay wavy my friend


The Firefly 2 is roughly $300, but the first one is cheaper. You can buy directly from the manufacturer or from other vape sites.


Save the ABV material, then melt some coconut oil or unsalted butter, in an equal amount, and "pressure can" the mixture. Once the canning cycle is done, open the jar, press the ABV in a potato ricer with a piece of cheesecloth to separate the oil or butter. This homemade canna oil or canna butter can then be used to make your own tasty edibles with a good cbd content, and works great to relieve inflammation and aches.


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