Dr. Olson suggested 25:1 or 30:1 CBD oil for my condition. Where can I obtain such high-CBD ratio oils/drops?

We will want to double check on that. Please message us at our customer service chat using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the website. Dr. Olson should be back this Thursday and we can double check on the CBD drops. I do know many dispensaries only carry up to 20:1.


We do carry a High CBD tincture that is 230:1 ratio CBD/THC…so almost NO THC!
Our tinctures are in a alcohol base not oil FYI


I am looking for that ratio of CBD oil? Where can I obtain it? Thanks so much in advance.
It needs to be at least a 30:1 or more. I have cervical pain due to bone on bone as well as severe headaches and nausea. I also have debilitating sciatica and lower lumbar spine pain from L3 through S1. I need relief!! And I would like to get off these opiate patches that I am currently on…..
Thank You


Actually, you do not need to use that high a ratio, the only reason to go that high is to reduce the amount of oil you take at one time. Please, don’t stress, buy a lesser concentrated oil since 30:1 is exceptionally difficult to find, I have only heard of that dose. You may buy a cannabis CBD dominant tincture at 28:1 in MCT oil that should work well for you and you could go to www.Jaydensjuice.com to see where they deliver in your area. Other manufacturers may respond here to tell you about their products that are high in CBD. The AC/DC vape pen I have has 30:9 ratio, CBD dominant but that pen is likely to have a psychoactive effect. As long as your ratio remains above 8:1, CBD dominant, it is unlikely that you will get high. Care By Design has a line of products, CBD tinctures in five different strengths, you can view under products on our website and the 18:1 maybe a good place for you to start. The oils I have been speaking of are not topical oils they’re to be consumed oraly, the topical you may want to look for would be a 2:1 ratio, CBD dominant in a carrier oil or cream.


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