Dupuytren's Contracture

"Have there been any positive results associated with CBD reducing the effects of Dupuytren’s Contracture?"

There are a few studies that suggest that cannabis attenuates the fibrotic response — the hallmark of pathogenesis for Dupuytren’s Contracture (DC).
"CB2 agonists attenuated the infiltration of inflammatory cells in bleomycin-induced skin fibrosis."
"Our findings indicate that CB2 limits leukocyte infiltration and tissue fibrosis in experimental dermal fibrosis. Since selective CB2 agonists are available and well tolerated, CB2 might be an interesting molecular target for the treatment of early inflammatory stages of systemic sclerosis."
However, CBD binds the CB2 (Cannabinoid 2) receptor very weakly; THC binds the CB2 receptor with high affinity — so it would be THC, rather than CBD, attenuating the fibrotic process in the manner described above.
Although, a study published in 2011 did conclude that "CBD treatment attenuates diabetes-associated myocardial fibrosis."
These findings suggest that cannabis may soon play a prominent role in attenuating inappropriate fibrotic changes in diseases such as Dupuytren’s Contracture.


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