Eating and keeping down meals is a huge struggle right now. Would this strain help my improve my appetite?

Yes! That’s one of the beautiful side-effects of medicating with marijuana. Our bodies natural Cannabinoid system uses all of the compounds of the cannabis plant to help heal what ails you. Some people may call it “munchies”, but there is no denying that marijuana is an appetite stimulant.


This is a very potent strain and a little goes a long way. It is great for appetite, sleep, and pain for many medical patients this is a go to. The strain is also one that taste and smell amazing with the medicinal effects. It can be a pricey strain be sure when you purchase you look for heavy trichome dusting and preferably from a grower that tests their meds. Also,​ note this is a great night time med but during the day it could cause a couch lock effect.


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