Friends have told me that marijuana can help me with chronic pain. Isn't it a 'gateway drug' though?

"I’ve been taking pharmaceuticals for pain for years but want to stop as the negative side effect are too much for me now. I’d like to try pot but I’m concerned that it may lead to other things. Even though it is legal in my state, I am a little concerned about how it may effect me or what may happen."

In a recent blog post on our Health & Wellness blog, Pamela Hadfield discussed whether marijuana is a gateway drug.

"A recent article in Newsweek elaborates on findings that conclude that marijuana is NOT a gateway drug. However, new evidence supports that alcohol IS a gateway drug. “The common government stance within the US is that alcohol is a gateway drug. This means that a user first starts drinking and then moves on to harder substances, such as cannabis and heroin, later on in life.” We grew up being told a very different story than this, so mentally it is hard for many people to absorb this new finding.”

Why Moms Should Support Marijuana Legalization

And yes, marijuana can help you with chronic pain. Everyone is different.


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