help increasing dosage and balancing edible and tincture for treating insomnia – need to speak to the doctor

"Last night was my first night using edible and tincture combination to get to sleep and stay asleep. I didn’t use enough and had to take an ambien at 1:00 AM as was wide awake. Can I talk to someone about this?

As you found out, cannabis use is not an exact science. The balance and amount of tincture and edible to take for sleeping varies tremendously between individuals, as well as food intake prior to sleeping. As we tell all of our patients, you need to go low (dose) and slow (increase) to see how the products you obtain react with your body. It seems that you need to increase the amount of the edible since from what you said you woke up at 1 AM.

Perhaps try doing that and see if you are able to stay asleep. Another option is to go to your local dispensary to see what products they have for insomnia if increasing your dose does not work. There are new products coming on the market every day and various dispensaries carry different products. . In our Answers section if you type in "Insomnia" you can see products listed as well as what works for other people.

Perry Solomon, MD

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