Hi. Can you recommend where to begin for chronic pain/fibromyalgia plus neck pain? Sensitive to meds and supp

"I’m new and tried medication/supplements but am very sensitive and nothing is helping so would like some suggestions without smoking. I tend to get irritable with the cbd capsules from health food store and paranoid from smoking. Thank you."

It may take some experimentation with different products to figure out exactly what works for your pain, but I’d suggest starting with the following two options.

First, I’d find a tincture or edible that works well for you – some way to ingest cannabis so it works systemically on your pain. Many folks who are dealing with chronic pain prefer medicine that is not psychoactive, so I’d recommend starting with a high-CBD medicine. Remember that different tinctures and edibles use different strains of flower, so if one doesn’t work well for you, try a different one before discounting CBD all together. Some specific products you might try – Om Edibles CBD sipping cacao, The Farmaceuticals Co CBD tincture, Moxie Meds 4:1 tincture. If these don’t give enough pain relief, try a tincture/edible that is still low dose, but heavier in THC – maybe Treatwell’s 1:1 tincture, or Oara chocolates that are only 5mg. You will have some psychoactivity from these THC products, but it should be mild if you keep the dose low – under 5mg, but I suggest starting with 1-2 mg to see how it works – that should also keep paranoia low.

The second, additional approach would be to use a topical on specific areas of pain (your neck, for example). A few I’d suggest starting with – Flower child muscle and bruise balm, Sweet Releaf, Om edibles oil, The Farmaceuticals Co CBD balm. I’d suggest doing this in addition to ingesting the cannabis, however, since your pain isn’t originating from the outside (a bruise or sore muscle). Hope this helps!


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