Hi.I suffer from severe Chronic psoriasis as well as slow progressive atrophy in my right leg due to nerve

"damage. Will Hemp CBD such as Mary’s Patches be of any help to me. I am on the East Coast and so am not eligible to receive access to a medical card. Any tips would be appreciated. I am tired of narcotics and steroids.

I would encourage you to consider a trip to a ‘cannabis legal state’, obtain a high CBD vapor pen as well as some topicals to apply to your psoriatic lesions so you know for sure the medication works for you and then start calling and writing to your congressperson to insist on helping the laws change. As a doctor, I wonder how Congress people can overstep their boundaries and practice medicine without a license. Most of us really want doctors making these decisions because doctors are the most trained to take care of health related problems and none of us want to be political pawns. In the 1970s laws were passed, due to the use of laetrile for cancer treatment, and patients were allowed to import medication for their personal use even though it was not an FDA approved and I wonder what happened to those laws and why they do not apply to cannabis use when patients don’t want to do narcotics or dangerous pharmaceutical drugs.
If I lived in a state where cannabis was not legal, I would just move but it sounds like that may not be in order for you so I encourage you to get your Congress person on your side.
So first try the medication and see that works for you.
Second, be aware of all the negative side effects of the western drugs you have been prescribed for your problems and be able to recite those for your congressperson.
Third, be aware that your doctor has a legal obligation to help you deal with your pain but they are being told that narcotics are not the solution for long-term chronic pain.
Fourth, Cannabis has a very low side effect profile as well as a very low rate of addiction.
Since Cannabis has been shown to be safe and effective for use in chronic psoriasis as well as chronic pain and neuritis, you want to know how much legally you can bring into your State for your own personal use since you have found it to be effective for your medical problems.
Our Congress people need to hear from us but in a very positive manner so hopefully states that deprive their citizens can start helping them instead.
Good luck and you may find some good photos if you search for psoriatic lesions treated with steroids versus Cannabis. There is a dramatic difference in the benefits of cannabis.


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