Suggestions for shoulder surgery?

"I currently need shoulder surgery. But I won’t be getting surgery until sometime next year. I currently take one 10mg Vicodin before I go workout for the pain. So my question is how much CBD do I need to take to be equivalent to the 10mg of Vicodin. Also I’m interested in CBD drops. Thank you."

If your using Vicodin for pain, a 100% CBD product is most likely not going to work for you. You should use a product that has a combination of THC and CBD. If you use a product that has a 2:1 combination of CBD:THC the entourage effect might help with the pain as well as give you some anti-inflammatory effect.
There is no direct substitution equivalent between cannabis and narcotics since evy person reacts differently to cannabis. What may make one person completely pain free may not effect another. The best advise to go low and slow with the amount of cannanbis and how often you take it and see how it effects you.

Perry Solomon, MD

I agree with Dr. Solomon, a combination of both CBD and THC would probably be the best…we produce a High CBD tincture that is a ratio of 2.5 : 1, meaning there is 2 1/2 times more CBD than THC in the product. Because of the High CBD content, you should not have any psychoactive effects in low doses…


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